The Man Behind The Mission

The Man:

Logan Grow is the owner and operator of New Horizon Consulting. Logan has over 15 years of firearms experience, and has a primary background in fire/ems. Logan is a Nationally Registered Paramedic, as well as a Firefighter. Logan has gone through multiple TCCC classes and is a registered Stop The Bleed instructor. He is an avid competition shooter of both USPSA and multiple 2 and 3 gun matches.

The Mission:

The Mission is to provide proven, safe and reliable medical gear and training to both civilians, and on the tactical side. Another part of the mission is to provide comprehensive lightweight kits to competition shooters. There has been time and time again that while performing in a competition I am the only person carrying medical - and I'd like to change that. Even if we are in a controlled environment, accidents still happen.  I offer both specific medical supplies, as well as specially curated kits to supply any need you may have. I am an authorized North American Rescue dealer with more partnerships on the way.