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Stop The Bleed/Defensive Pistol

Stop The Bleed/Defensive Pistol

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Enhance your shooting proficiency while developing vital life-saving skills at our Stop The Bleed course. This course combines shooting excellence, bleeding control techniques, and safe patient movement training.

Class date will be TBA starting at 10AM. Additional details will be emailed out once an official head count is reached.

Key Components:

  1. Shooting Proficiency: Improve marksmanship, firearm handling, and tactical decision-making through simulations and practical exercises.
  2. Bleeding Control Techniques: Learn to stop bleeding and provide immediate medical aid using tourniquets, wound packing, and pressure dressings.
  3. Safe Patient Movement: Gain skills to safely transport injured individuals in high-pressure scenarios, including lifting techniques and obstacle navigation.

Safety is prioritized, with expert instructors and strict protocols ensuring a secure learning environment.

Upon completion, you'll possess shooting proficiency, bleeding control expertise along with a Stop The Bleed course certificate, and safe patient movement capabilities. Enroll now and equip yourself to handle critical situations with confidence.

What To Bring:

Ammunition -  100/rifle, 150/pistol
Decent footwear
Eye/Ear protection

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